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Introduction to Ancient Greek Irregular Verbs

Like irregular verbs in English, Ancient Greek irregular verbs do not follow regular patterns, and their conjugations by person and number must be learned individually.

The irregular verbs presented in this online quiz belong to either the imperfect, present, or future tenses, and are all in the indicative mood. They therefore describe (or indicate!) actions that were happening in the past, are happening in the present, or will happen in the future.

The irregular verbs found on this test are εἰμί ("am"), οἶδα ("know"), ("was"), ἔσομαι ("will be"), εἶμι ("will go"), ᾖα ("went / was going"), ᾔδη ("knew"), φημί ("says"), and ἔφην ("said / was saying"). At any time, feel free to click on the yellow grammar review buttons on the left to review the conjugation tables for these irregular verbs.

Note that some questions will have more than one answer. For example, ἦν in the conjugation table can have two meanings ("I was" and "he / she / it was"). By the same token, ᾔειν in the ᾖα conjugation table can also have two meanings ("I went / was going" vs. "He / she / it went / was going"). While this test will ask for both of these answers, in practice the single actual answer for such cases will only be discernable from the context of the sentence.

Also of importance is the possible dual meaning of the word εἶ. This word appears on two different conjugation tables (εἰμί and εἶμι), and can mean "You (singular) are" or "You (singular) will go". But since this quiz only tests from one conjugation table at a time, this ambiguity is not truly presented here for the user.

Finally, unlike the other tests on this website, this quiz does include diacritical accentation.

For each question, click on the best answer. Some answers may appear incomplete because a direct or indirect object is not provided.

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